More than 30 years of confidence

 After this long history, of more than 30 years, CAYTA, S.A. continues to maintain its initial   principles, customer satisfaction and adaptation to each of its requests and needs. With   competent, reliable and quality work.

 The team of highly qualified professionals who are part of the company is quite diverse,   from graduates, medium degrees, professional training to professionals of the trade.

 Collaborating very closely with everyone to achieve the quality and professionalism that   guarantee us. Not forgetting the Prevention of Occupational Risks in each of the daily   services.

CAYTA, S.A. was created in 1982. From the first moment, the quality and profesionalism in the execution of its works made a name in the sector of boilermaking. A sucess reached by the effort and the value of their founders.

Logo CaytaSA
While other companies have developed high levels of standardization of their products, CAYTA, S.A. is characterized by listening to the needs of each client and adapting its manufacturing to them.

Currently, the services offered by the company are the design, manufacture, assembly, repair and maintenance of all types of industrial facilities. Encompassing diverse sectors such as chemical, pharmaceuthical, aeronautical, cement, calcium carbonate, aggregates, construction, ceramics, food, profile production, environmental facilities, etc.

We continue to move forward and progress, day after day, to give the best of ourselves and achieve the full satisfaction of our customers.